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About Us

We founded Visionary Film Productions on the belief that nothing supersedes the importance of truth within our art. For this reason we are willing to take on the challenges that come with that stance. Often times, modern day filmmakers and other media outlets either distort the truth or avoid topics altogether if the truth scares them. We believe that sometimes... the truth is scary. That’s all the more reason to create films that expose the truth, regardless of what it costs us personally.

At this present time, mainstream faith-based films have done very well at the box-office. For Christian producers and production companies this is a very good thing, as it can open doors for the next wave of filmmakers to push the door open further. As long as we’re willing to push that door and remain relevant. If we get comfortable making Christian themed movies only for the faith-based audience, we cannot progress this revolution in Cinema that God has clearly planned. Even worse, we risk becoming didactic in the types of stories we tell and how we tell them. It’s for this reason that we have committed our time and energy into GRACE BY NIGHT. A film that will share the truth and beauty of God’s Plan and Will in our lives.

So please join us on this journey... because there’s nothing more beautiful than sharing the truth.

The Team

The People of VFP

Nathan Leon


Meghan Leon


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